Optical Concepts

ansley-ventura-540963-small webVisual freedom is maintained by the latest in contact lens and spectacle lens design. Both target accurate focus providing confidence from reading through to driving.

Spectacle Lenses

Progressive spectacle lenses target accurate focus giving you confidence from reading through to driving.


Spectacle Frames

Modern metal alloys combine flexibility and strength for light easy to wear glasses. These materials are the foundation for our ranges of children's and adults' frames. Frame technology stocked from world leaders like Silhouette and Adidas provide styles for all activities.

Contact Lenses

Contact-Lens small webAs a result of an enormous amount of research to ensure the precision and effectiveness of contact lenses, most people of all ages can wear contact lenses. There are many choices available in contact lenses today.

As a member of the Cornea & Contact Lens Society of NZ Ltd we will explain your options and make recommendations based upon your general health, vision, occupation, needs and lifestyle.

While fitted precisely to the individual eye, a contact lens requires care. To maintain a healthy eye, comfortable wear and good vision, you must allow time each day to clean and care for your lenses.

Our aim in setting you up to wear contact lenses is to provide acceptable vision in a way that is convenient and does not affect your eyes health.

The latest contact lens designs which provide for multiple focus (from close to far vision). New materials provide amazing oxygen and certain lenses may even provide continuous wear.

The replacement patterns virtually eliminate long term problems of wearing contact lenses. You have the benefits of improved health and greater comfort.

The daily cleaning regimen is very simple and effective.


You purchase your lenses and solutions when needed, with a review of the contact lenses and eye surface yearly.A phone call to order your contact lenses as you start to wear your last set is recommended.

Wearing and maintaining contact lenses is simpler and healthier than ever before.

Recommended: Cornea & Contact Lens Society of NZ Inc